Week three was really weak

I’m stuck. Stuck stuck stucky stuck stuck. Talk about a plateau! I haven’t lost anything for a week now. In fact at one point I gained three pounds. How is that even possible? Well it’s simple, oil. On this plan if you come into contact with any oil, it gets converted to fat. Boom. So now we are searching for the oil culprit. I cleaned the steering wheel in the truck and wiped all the handles down yesterday. Still having problems. Next is to scrub the bathroom and see if it’s my husband’s shaving stuff…he’s a man so it’s basically all over the sink and faucet. I clean the bathroom at least once a week but I think I should scrub all the corners and change all the linens one more time to make sure. Hooray for more work!

Through all this it have indeed learned quite a lot about myself. For one thing, I can be a productive human being. I get up at 6:30 every morning, get on my gear, and go for a walk. I’m home by 7:00-7:30, change into adult clothing (no more yoga pants all day ladies), do the hair and make up thing, and get the kid out the door by 8:15. Run any errands, get home and do chores until lunch, study Italian for an hour over my lunch and then spend the afternoon working on my needlepoint until it’s time to get the kid. I pick her up at school an we are home by 4. I fix dinner & clean up while the Mr takes the kid to track and we eat when they get home. Dishes done and put away by 7:30 and we chill. Holy ballz! That’s a pretty darn productive day! Most people would say that is a normal day but it wasn’t for me for a very long time.

Leaving the house after I was already home, or running more than a couple errands after dropping the kid off, created a level of anxiety in me that was almost debilitating. I didn’t have the energy or the motivation to move. I think this was due partly to depression and partly that I’m just naturally an introvert who is happiest in my own home. So what’s changed? I’m buzzing with energy and have less anxiety about being around people. Don’t mistake that for me wanting to be in crowds, but the general trip to the store doesn’t spaz me out as bad right now. If people weren’t so freakin weird, I wouldn’t have such issues. But people are weird so I still prefer my own four walls to the general public.

Another small feat I’m rather proud of, I haven’t quit. Normally when I sit at a particular weight (my current plateau weight is where I always stall), I quit the dieting altogether and go back to feeling sorry for myself. This time I know that within the next week I will see a drop on the scale. It has to happen. I’m playing seek and destroy with hidden oils, adding running, and doing a metabolism boosting workout for a few days to get it burning again. Did I mention I am not quitting the diet? I have 17 days left and I know I can drop at least 10 more pounds. I just gotta get it moving again.

Now I just have to convince myself that 140-145 is an okay weight. I was really shooting for 130’s but I know that I’ve run out of time for that to happen on this magic water diet. Doesn’t mean I can’t keep going for that 130-something weight but I need to make the most of the time I have left on this diet trying to attain a realistic number. They did say women typically only lose 27 pounds and I have lost about 18. I know adding the running will help shed those pounds a lot faster.

Better go get the gear on and make my metabolism wake the F up.