Nutrimost = Worst Diet Ever

So I finished the program on day 38 having lost 22 pounds and plowing through 2 plateaus.  Sounds like a great thing right?  Wooo Hoo, 22 pounds in 40 days.  Stop and ask yourself if this seems like a HEALTHY way to lose weight?  That’s what this is really about.  Did it do what it said it would?  Kind of.  They advertise up to 40 pounds in 40 days.  However, one week into my program my adviser just casually mentioned “women only typically lose about 20 pounds so if you want 40 pounds you’ll have to go through the program again.”  Let’s clarify that this program costs $1500 with a possibility of paying closer to $1200 if you pay in full on day 1.  So $1500 for 20 pounds in 40 days.  Let that sink in.  If you don’t meet your 40 pound goal, be ready to fork over at least half of the cost of the program depending on the place you’re working through.

Starting weight 171.9, end weight 148.  Day 1 off the diet I regained 3 pounds eating 900 calories, is that even humanly possible? Their fix for that, starve yourself all day then eat an 8oz steak and an organic apple.  Think about everything you know about healthy food management and let that sink in.  

“Does it work?” is probably what most people would ask but the real question is about what life is like off of the diet.  Its awful.  I couldn’t do any more starvation days after my third in one week.  Keep in mind I was eating in the calorie range they gave me, introducing 1 new food a day, and avoiding all the “don’t eat” foods.  And on day 8 my husband said “stop”.  He couldn’t do it anymore either…I was food obsessing, scale obsessing, and crying every morning when I stepped on the scale.  Whatever this diet does to make you lose weight so fast also makes it come back fast once you’re off the drops and eating “normal” food like turkey, cauliflower, green beans, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, and cottage cheese with nectarines.  Sounds like fattening food huh?

Final thoughts, only do this diet if:

  1. You’ve tried every other diet and failed at them multiple times
  2. You have $1500 just laying around that you could use to wipe you butt with but think this might be a fun 40 day trial in self loathing
  3. You need to lose 20 pounds fast but have no care about staying at the lower weight or learning to actually eat appropriate food in appropriate proportions
  4. You’ve tried every other diet on the planet and failed at the multiple times 

I would recommend taking that $1500 and hiring a personal trainer and meeting with a nutritionist or joining weight watchers because you will learn how to SUSTAIN your lower weight without being like me and obsessing about food and numbers on scales.  I’m now in a weird world of eating 1200 calories and working out 6 times a week to ONLY gain a pound a week.  I currently weigh 158.  Yes, I’ve gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  And I track my calories like a mad woman…its just my body adapting to life without that Magic water.  This is my experience, I’m sure others have been more successful and are happy with their end results.  I just found this to be a very unhealthy weight-loss experience.

Here’s to the next 6 months of attempting to get to my ultimate 40 pound loss goal I had at the beginning.  Cheers to 131….