Nutrimost = Worst Diet Ever

So I finished the program on day 38 having lost 22 pounds and plowing through 2 plateaus.  Sounds like a great thing right?  Wooo Hoo, 22 pounds in 40 days.  Stop and ask yourself if this seems like a HEALTHY way to lose weight?  That’s what this is really about.  Did it do what it said it would?  Kind of.  They advertise up to 40 pounds in 40 days.  However, one week into my program my adviser just casually mentioned “women only typically lose about 20 pounds so if you want 40 pounds you’ll have to go through the program again.”  Let’s clarify that this program costs $1500 with a possibility of paying closer to $1200 if you pay in full on day 1.  So $1500 for 20 pounds in 40 days.  Let that sink in.  If you don’t meet your 40 pound goal, be ready to fork over at least half of the cost of the program depending on the place you’re working through.

Starting weight 171.9, end weight 148.  Day 1 off the diet I regained 3 pounds eating 900 calories, is that even humanly possible? Their fix for that, starve yourself all day then eat an 8oz steak and an organic apple.  Think about everything you know about healthy food management and let that sink in.  

“Does it work?” is probably what most people would ask but the real question is about what life is like off of the diet.  Its awful.  I couldn’t do any more starvation days after my third in one week.  Keep in mind I was eating in the calorie range they gave me, introducing 1 new food a day, and avoiding all the “don’t eat” foods.  And on day 8 my husband said “stop”.  He couldn’t do it anymore either…I was food obsessing, scale obsessing, and crying every morning when I stepped on the scale.  Whatever this diet does to make you lose weight so fast also makes it come back fast once you’re off the drops and eating “normal” food like turkey, cauliflower, green beans, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, and cottage cheese with nectarines.  Sounds like fattening food huh?

Final thoughts, only do this diet if:

  1. You’ve tried every other diet and failed at them multiple times
  2. You have $1500 just laying around that you could use to wipe you butt with but think this might be a fun 40 day trial in self loathing
  3. You need to lose 20 pounds fast but have no care about staying at the lower weight or learning to actually eat appropriate food in appropriate proportions
  4. You’ve tried every other diet on the planet and failed at the multiple times 

I would recommend taking that $1500 and hiring a personal trainer and meeting with a nutritionist or joining weight watchers because you will learn how to SUSTAIN your lower weight without being like me and obsessing about food and numbers on scales.  I’m now in a weird world of eating 1200 calories and working out 6 times a week to ONLY gain a pound a week.  I currently weigh 158.  Yes, I’ve gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  And I track my calories like a mad woman…its just my body adapting to life without that Magic water.  This is my experience, I’m sure others have been more successful and are happy with their end results.  I just found this to be a very unhealthy weight-loss experience.

Here’s to the next 6 months of attempting to get to my ultimate 40 pound loss goal I had at the beginning.  Cheers to 131….


189 thoughts on “Nutrimost = Worst Diet Ever

  1. Melissa3 says:

    I have an appointment at 12:30 today. After reading all of these comments I tried to cancel but it won’t let me. I am going to eat the $27 that I prepaid for the consult. I wan’t going into it for the weight loss as my number one reason but for the hormones and metabolism balance. The 20# weight loss would have been a bonus because that is how much I would love to shed. I’m hoping they don’t try to charge me more for not showing up. I could just kick myself for not checking into it before booking an appointment. I had no idea that it would cost so much to use their program. The old saying that it is probably too good to be true is quite evident in all of these comments. Thanks for saving me an hour drive and a huge headache!! Plus I cry easily so I am quite sure they would have had me in tears 😉

    • That’s why I kept this thread up on the Internet. It’s worth the negative comments and the ugliness from those involved in selling this program to the unsuspecting. Sigh a deep breath and if you’re looking for a natural way to balance your hormones etc, check into an eastern medicine Doctor. I have friends who’ve had success with them. Though I’ve never tried it myself beyond accupuncture 🤓

    • Sharon says:

      It’s too bad that you didn’t follow through with your consult. I’ve been very happy with the program so far and I did it for hormones too. Turning 50 this year and in the last year I’ve put on an extra 10 lb, on top of 5-8 lb that just came little by little over the years. Already my mood has improved greatly, my skin looks and feels great, hairs not falling out and sleeping better and it’s only been a week! Can’t wait to see how much better it gets as the program goes on. Not all NutraMost offices are created equal. I’d check your local NutraMost’s reviews and BBB rating and not believe everything you read (good or bad!). The office I’m going to has treated over a 1000+ very happy customers.

    • Andie Hess says:

      I was charged $1800 for this program. I lost 19 pounds not in 40 days but in 80 days. I was told that the $1800 would cover everything from start to finish and was guaranteed that I would make it to my goal.(I didn’t know that the $1800 only covered the 20 pounds in 40 days) They kept “expanding'” my days so that I would lose this 20 pounds. With only 500 calories daily with their supplements, I ended up in the hospital. When I got out and asked for more help, they told me that I would have to pay another $1800! I didn’t even get through the whole program. I didn’t get to the “maintenance” portion of this program. So $1800 which I am paying off monthly for their “guaranteed 20-40 pounds in 40 days)was a lesson well learned. They didn’t follow through with their part of the program. No I would NOT recommend this program to anyone! Did I mention that you can’t use your own products such as hair conditioner, body lotion, soap, deodorant, perfumes, cosmetics, etc…because then you won’t be in “fat burning mode.” So you look like hell and feel like hell for 40 days! Is this worth it. NOOOO!

      • Sounds like the story I hear from so many people. For every one person that says it worked for them, there are 18 responses that say they’ve been hoodwinked. Sorry you’ve had such a crummy experience.

      • Fran Wood says:

        thanks for letting me know, i was interested in trying

    • Chelsea says:

      Wow I scheduled an appointment and now I’m so happy I didn’t prepay.

  2. Sharon says:

    Sorry, I meant to say the BBB rating for the office that you are attending, not NutraMost. There are good honest Doctors and others, not so much.

  3. Deana Wells says:

    Im on the second phase. I lost about 10 lbs. The issue I am having is the hormonal aspect of this diet is killing me. The book says double up on the hormone anf energy drops when you start you cycle. So I did. Three days after finishing my cycle. I started again. Ten times worse then the first time. I am very upset and hope they have answers for why this is happening. And by the way I paid 1999.00 for the program.

    • I’m sorry you are a part of this program. Your hormones will be a mess for a while. Make sure to work with your Medical Doctor to monitor your health. I hope things even out for you soon.

  4. Paula Julien Owes says:

    I went on this program and lost 25 lbs. I paid $2000 for this program. I was so happy and proud I lost the weight, but that slowly diminished when I started to add foods in my diet. Within a year I had gained all my weight back. Since then I have felt like a failure and have been depressed having had gaining this weight back.
    When I saw your article I was liberating in knowing I wasn’t the only one who this happened to. I totally believed everything I was told and totally trusted the doctor and his staff.
    I would never recommend this diet now that I have read numerous reports indicating that what I was told about the Zyto computer program and the scale wasn’t really on the up and up.
    I of course am sad that I weigh the same as I did when when I started the program, and after $2000 spent I wish there was one positive thing I could say about the program, but I can’t.
    I am glad I was able to at least voice my opinion as I move forward depressed that I had been taken on this program.

  5. Julie says:

    It is a scam just like all the others, Jenny Craig and nutrition system, slim fast. Proper diet and exercise are key to safe wight loss and management.

  6. Trina says:

    Hi my name is Trina & I am on my third week of the diet, Down 11 pounds, but not without problems. I am not a red meat eater so that’s a big problem because they keep trying to make me eat steak, but all I can remember is when I was looking at the biggest loser where they made the one lady eat meat when she was a vegetarian, I felt so bad for her but the results after was great. So I did eat ground beef but the leanest on the market, not happy but I got over it, but I can tell u that I will not be eating it any more. So I say that to say, this isn’t the worst plain but it keeps you on your feet. I really needed to get off the sugar & junk food, I’ve tried all of the other diets but they didn’t work. Like I say & believe everything isn’t for everyone. So do what’s best for you. One more thing I also paid 1,999 for my plain, but believe me I’m going to ask them about the 1,500 plain. So to everyone please do what’s right for you no matter what other people say because in the end you are the one who have to be happy with yourself.

    • De says:

      We have similar stories. I paid $1800 for round 1, lost 25 lbs. Immediately started round 2 which cost $900. I lost another 20. I was so happy, finally something was working. I didnt care about only having 500 calories, all of it seemed worth it because i was convinced it was working. Once I got to the phase where they had me add back good carbs and increase my calories all hell broke loose. i was gaining rapidly and only eating 1200 calories, working out and following every single they i was told to do or not do. Every appointment they would act stumped and have me try something else, which would not work and i would just keep gaining. The thing about this program that sold me was the advertisement of “resetting your metabolism.” My endocrinologist said i basically had zero metabolism so this was very appealing to me. Needless to say my metabolism was still at age 71 when i finished round 2 and I was in my late 40’s. I am struggling with so many things now.. spending the money, being foolish enough to believe the program would work for me, depression bc of gaining 20 of it back etc. I hope every single dr who promotes this has karma pay them a visit for preying on people who really wanted to believe in something that would work for them. I have not come across one person yet that is 2-3 years after the program who kept the weight off, this disgusts me!!!

      • I’m sorry you’ve had so many emotions around this experience. It’s easy to feel like there’s something wrong with you or that you were silly to try but you’re not. They make it sound great. Anyone who has struggled with weight knows what it’s like to see a potential light at the end of the tunnel. You are not foolish. Maintaining your 20lb loss was not possible without living on apples and steak…let that sink in…there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s the program itself that is flawed.

  7. John Howard says:

    I looked up their website due to a convincing radio commercial by a local NFL football hero. Luckily, I’ve read your blog before going any further. It sounded like a Too good to be True scam that it apparently is. I’ve lost beaucoup weight with Atkins in the past. It definitely works as long as you stick to it (as with anything), and it sure as hell doesn’t cost $1,500 to buy a paperback and follow the instructions!

  8. salvarado08 says:

    Thank you for posting this. I had watched the promotional video and thought about setting up the consult but your candor made sure I didn’t waste my time. I hope that now that some time has passed, you’re body is back in balance!

  9. Lisa says:

    Thank you. Saved me a lot of time researching this new diet. Too bad we can’t each send you $10 until you get your $1500 back.

    • That’s kind of you to say. I don’t look at it as a horrible loss, more like a lesson learned the hard way. I still get angry responses from chiropractors who offer this program or people who say it worked amazing for them and it’s obvious I did soemthing wrong. All I can do is show them the evidence and the documentation. I’ve stopped posting the ones that are obviousalespeople of the program though I try to post people’s responses that seem legit. And quite a lot of the responses here on this blog are negative towards the program. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. For the money involved there are smarter, healthier ways to get fit. Glad I’m still helping to spread the word about this awful program. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.

  10. Michelle says:

    I completed the diet and lost 30 pounds. I am in phase 6 of the diet and so far so good. I am going back to lose another 20 pounds next week. You can’t go back to eating like you were and expect NOT to gain weight. This diet is not a pill to increase your metabolism so you can eat whatever you want. I have a much better appreciation for vegetables, got used to not using sugar and eat starches sparingly. I really don’t miss carbs anymore except for a piece of good bread every now and then. I know someone else who had been off the diet for 6 months now. He eats carbs at one meal a day. Sorry to say but losing weight is the easy part, the hard part is keeping your good eating habits and excercise. There is no magic pill no matter what diet you go on. Many of the diets cost money – weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast etc…. in the end the other diets out there, cost just as much or more over time. I know someone who is a perpetual dieter with Weight Watchers but loses 10 gains 10, loses 10, gains 10.
    And let me also say that all doctors are not made equal. I know some that did not have good results with one doctor so to went to another and they were much more successful. Choose your doctor wisely.

  11. Pamela Schaefer says:

    It is horrible. My daughter tried it and she lost some weight but anyone would if you are restricted to 500 calories a day. They make you sign a contract that states that you will not put anything negative about them out on social media or the consumer will be liable for 35,990 in liquidated damages. It is such a scam. They need to be shut down.

  12. Indigofoxden says:

    Thank you! I didn’t want to spend $99 plus $27 for a consultation not knowing what I was getting into. The program is more than I can afford and I don’t want to take hormones.

  13. steve pritchard says:

    Lets see.. 27$ to step on a scale and get a body scan, then talk to some one who is NOT a doctor and who’s job it is to talk you into this program. When i asked how much, they gave me the talk about how much other programs cost, and bla bla bla.. They let me read over the contact, read the fine print. it clearly states that some costs are incurred and can not be refunded. .like 1500 worth if i recall. Of course no mention of what the actual program is. Find out reading others posts, its low cal low carb .. Dont need to pay 1800 to do that. I can do that on my own. ALSO.. lets revisit the 27$ body scan.. lets see.. that took 10 mins.. how many of those can they do in a day ? like 50 ? x 27$.. even if everybody walks out when they hear the price tag, they still make like +1k a day on body scans. Stay away.

  14. Linda says:

    I signed up for this diet but decided not to follow through with it. I decided to take the $2000, put it in a jar and reward myself every day by paying myself back when I lose weight. Anyone will lose weight 800 caorie a day! The reason people stick with it is because they make such a hefty monetary commitment. I say take some money out of savings, start the Atkins plan, and pay yourself back weekly when you lose weight. Same mindset.

  15. Dawn says:

    Im right there sitter and still own a 340 payment..3 weeks off 7 pounds up…so basically I should just eat a steak and apple 6 out of 7 days a week for the rest of my life…sounds healthy. The thing that I was most pissed about was they didnt scan you after it was over. So I don’t get proof of all the internal miracles that should of happed…hmmmm…what would be the cost of rescanning my hand to show if my biomarkers have changed? So basically you tell me I have all these biomarkers out of range and top 5 organ that are “sick” but don’t want to show me how much they have improved unless I decide to go through another round…hmmmnot fishy at all! Another thing…Im 38 and my metabolic age showed 52 when I started…why after a 30 pound weight loss did I go UP in age. by a year to 53?

  16. Deb says:

    After reading some of these other posts, I guess I went to a really good office. My friend didn’t meet her 20 ponds in 40 days and our group just kept on providing her with everything and supporting her until she did. Plus, we can go in and get weighed on their scale to check our hydration and such even after “re-entry.” It’s all about the integrity of a particular rep office I guess. How sad.

  17. Tabicat says:

    I tried Nutrimost plan over two years ago, paid approx. $1200 then additional for a few products & changing out my shampoo, toiletries etc. I lost 56 lbs! I lost 26 in the first 40 days, then about 17 more in the next stage, and over time I kept dropping. I learned what foods I can eat & what to stay away from. I did fluctuate once in a while. If you don’t follow the plan it WILL NOT WORK but that is for any lifestyle change. Overall, I am happy I did it & have kept the weight off for over two years. I have tried many other plans that for me, did work for the most part but I am one who needs to see results fairly quick or I get tired of all the effort without seeing the reward. Nutrimost worked for me & I saw the results happening right away. I did have a great DR so that may be part of it because he or his staff were they checking in everyday of the initial phase. They all had done the plan so they knew how to help. Everyone is different & I am thankful this worked for me to finally shed the unhealthy weight & stop the yo-yo-ing! Good luck to all.

    • Yay it worked for you however, your assumption that those of us who have medical issues as a result of this program somehow didn’t follow it properly. That’s an ignorant response. I’m fairly positive not all who say it failed stuck with it 100% just as I am positive there are those of us who did. I documented every step of the way and it was not due to lack of compliance that ended this journey in failure. I’m still holding at 140 pounds and training for my 4th half marathon. It was not a matter of “stick with it” for me, it was a matter of finding this to be one of the most unhealthy and medically dangerous ways of losing weight. Hence why it is banned for our military here.

    • Mark Tebor says:

      I am on day 32 and lost 28 lbs so far. A friend who told me about this program and lost 60lbs and kept it off.
      It is a lifestyle change and may not work for everyone. I know going to the gym and hiring a trainer didn’t work for me.

      I needed the reset and let’s see where this goes

  18. Dani Smith says:

    I was thinking of doing this diet group!! What is the food plan like? 500 calories ?? OMG ! Maybe I should re-think ?

    • I have had some folks send in positive reviews but the majority are or seem very likely to be from individuals who either work for or are people who work for chiropractors who sell this program. I posted my real…very expensive, real, experience and leave it to anyone who reads it to decide if it’s worth the risks. I would definitely suggest other means of weightloss but that is truly your decision

  19. Since this is my own personal blog with my own personal experiences, I can choose how, who, and what I post. If you want to create an “I love my crazy diet” post, feel free. On your account. I posted in order to share my experiences. Do feel free to post your own experiences on your own blog. Peace to you and yours.

  20. Sherene Levert says:

    I just left a consultation… $27 waisted. As soon as she told me it was $2k and I couldn’t make payments, I was like “nope, not for me”. But because it sound so good, I decided to research if the results actually lasted (which would make it worth it). The first think that came up is this blog…. I am so happy I didn’t fork over my credit card!!!

    • There are a few folks who pop up on here every so often that say this diet was the best thing that ever happened to them and figure I must have just not followed the plan. It annoys me but all I can do is give my personal experiences which can be attested to by my husband and other family members who were around all day. It didn’t work. Made me have health issues worse than what I had going in. Cost a ton of money. And is now banned from use on our military base. That alone would make me run away. Our government uses soldiers as lab rats for vaccines but think this program is “too extreme with potentially harmful results”. Wow. That’s sayin something. Glad you didn’t waste more than the $27. I’m telling you, there are better ways. Hire a trainer and a nutritionist. Join weightwatchers. Nutrasystem (which worked for me a few years back but isn’t long term). There’s a million better options than something being looked at in federal court now.

  21. DonotBeThatNaive says:

    NutriMost is designed for naive, nor very knowledgeable people who are desperate and need to be committed by paying thousands to someone for being told to go on 500 calorie intake diet for 40 days. The point is if you get rid of bad carbs, fats, and sugars from your diet you will lose weight at no cost. FREE!
    Don’t let them scam you out.

  22. Nona says:

    My husband went for a consultation today. Got $1,999.00 out of him. Supplements. Drops. Salts. Shampoo. Conditioner. He came home and said he wasn’t sure what to do. I said, lets go get a refund. No refund. It’s shake the bottle six times. Put 15 drops in 16 ounces of water and drink between 9-4. Eat grass fed beef. Dont eat the same vegetable twice in one day! On and on!!! I gave my opinion but said in the end it was up to my husband. Since they wouldnt give a full refund, hes gonna try it. When you get a strong arm sales pitch, somethings wrong!

  23. Sharebah Walker says:

    2000 for some pills, some drops, a meal plan, some pink salt, a weigh in weekly and you never see the Doctor only the receptionist and rep that lost some pounds using nutrimost. It did work, I lost 18 not 20 but it was too expensive. In addition, I was not doing everything right so I drank organic apple cider vinegar and they said that’s why I still lost, so now I pay about 3.50 a bottle and drink apple cider vinegar! Much cheaper.

    -Sharebah Walker

  24. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for this review. I was wondering if this diet worked.

  25. Formerly Fat says:

    Love all the haters here. So, would all of you who think Nutrimost is so terrible please tell me what you have done to lose weight permanently?

    Jenny Craig? Riiight. Nutrisystem? Riiight. Let me know when you get tired of buying their food — and then get even fatter than you were.

    I tell people that NM is basically a modified Paleo program. It’s supported with specific supplements, and your personal course is charted for you.

    I’ve done two rounds, and dropped 75 pounds over the course of approx. 18 months. I did it with a friend both times (great support system) and he has lost 70 pounds over two rounds.

    I’m a smart, successful professional male in my mid-50s (and I do not in any way work for Nutrimost). Nobody “sold” me anything and I resent the implication that it’s a scam of some sort.

    I willingly signed up, followed the program *exactly* as instructed and lost a lot of weight. My other health-related numbers have done equally well.

    You think Nutrimost is expensive or damages your health? Well let me tell you what’s more expensive and damaging: a heart attack!

    I honestly think most of the horror stories have to do with the support (or lack thereof) from your NM office. It is unfortunate that the program is mostly sold by chiropractors — let’s face it; there are some really good chiros out there, and some exceedingly bad, greedy ones.

    I did the program at two different offices, and although it’s ideally the same no matter where you go, there definitely can be a difference in the quality of service and support you receive. (The Strongsville, Ohio office staff is superb.)

    Yes; 500 calories is extremely low. That is why they tell you NOT to exercise. (So for the person who is in the military…you never should have done it. To be fair, whoever signed you up should have told you that it’s probably not a good plan for active duty military.)

    Fact: Men tend to lose more weight on the program than women. Fact: Men ALSO tend to follow the program much more willingly and to the letter — this latter tidbit from a female NM staffer. I’m not saying the author of this blog “cheated.” What I am saying is that the program materials are very explicit in that they make it clear you either are “all in” or not. You either do the whole bit, including personal products, and follow ALL the phases — or don’t bother.

    Hint: If you’re doing a weight loss program that allows “cheat days,” you are not serious about losing weight. Any effective weight loss program requires serious commitment.

    So, bash all you want. Disbelieve all you want. I have very much enjoyed donating my “fat clothes” to charity, digging others out from long-stored totes, and buying new clothes.

    To the author: Based on some of your comments, I doubt you have the courage to leave this post up and allow someone to challenge you. This is not intended as a personal attack, but your four-point conclusion tells me that you absolutely did NOT follow the ENTIRE program. You probably received lousy support and that’s a shame.

    The 40-day very-low-calorie phase is only one part of the program (but it’s the one people talk about the most). You mention nothing about the re-entry or remain phases. Did you follow those as closely? Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day? Did you continue to visit your local office on a weekly basis? NM very specifically tells you how to phase back into normal eating for a permanent weight loss.

    If you are gaining weight so quickly there is something wrong. It may or may not be your fault. But I suspect that maybe your local office isn’t a good one. You should never, ever have had to do so many steak days. Huge red flag. Something is wrong.

    I do sincerely wish you the best, but I know several people for whom NM worked as a permanent weight loss solution.

    • Glad it worked for you. Super male that you are. I am now a healthy, 140 lbs, distance runner. I’m good. I wrote this as my personal experience and the many who reply also share their personal experiences as you have done. I don’t stoop to name calling, challenging people, or picking internet fights to feel better. I just post what my experience was. I find myself having to explain this at least three to four times a year…check the date on the original post sweetheart. I’ve spent years having to explain this to people like you who feel superiority through attacking others who experience things differently. Be better.

  26. Dee Tee says:

    Has anyone heard of people passing out while following this program?

  27. wb bill says:

    i did the 20 day program and it changed my life-
    i eat better and lost about 30 pounds
    seriously, i was extremely skeptical but followed it and i am so happy. i am a 51 year old male and feel better and glad i did it – every program is different and you have to do what is right for you.
    i have tried everything from WW to JC and this has been the very best! i

  28. worst diet ever, tried it gained weight back

  29. what a scam; after they tell u first how great it is; then they take your money and you realize youre in for the ride of your life!

  30. Sandy says:

    I want to say, this program worked great for me. I wanted to see results fast.. I lost 50 lbs in 40 days…. I lost 70 total in another round!!!!!

  31. Kat says:

    Thanks for that..You’ve answered a lot of my questions. I am just wondering what are those “drops”? I know someone that did the program. They lost 35 lbs..but was like a crazy person on a high doses of speed. That scared me a bit.

  32. Ask-mo-questions says:

    Today i attended the $27 consolation as i truly was interested in the program. I sat through an hour long presentation with about 3 other potential clients. the “DR” was unlike any Doctor i have ever worked with and seemed to be more like a snake oil salesman than a Doctor. they pitched that they would boost your metabolism with hydration, diet and supplements. We were then given a one on one consolation with the “DR” where we could ask any questions we wanted, however when I explained my concern for my health and skepticism i was braided with “client testimonials” and when I asked about medical credentials (as he would be the Doctor that would be supervising my progress) he dodged the questions and I was told that “clearly I was not serious enough to stick with the plan and asked to reschedule again in 3-4 months”. when I asked why i needed to wait so long I was told that I needed to try a few more programs so that I would be “ready” (aka Desperate enough) to commit to theirs. Needless to say after my visit i did some in-depth research and learned more about the program. 550 calorie diet 24oz of water with vitamins, anyone can drop weight if they eat only a 1/4 of a normal 2000 calorie diet and hydrate… Thank God I dodged this $1800.00 bullet. Going to find a real M.D. and get on a safer, monitored, program.

    if you suffer from any medical conditions. stay away from this program as no one is a real M.D. and you could find yourself in a hospital… just my 2¢

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