Been a few months…

Well here we are rolling into the holidays. Normally this is the time of year when people start gaining weight or freaking out about all the food. As anyone who’s followed my blog knows, I tried the most ridiculous “diet” known to humanity back in the spring. Since then my health issues multiplied, NOT AS A RESULT OF THAT DIET, mainly because for 13 years I had doctors saying I could eat anything a “normal” person can eat and then just use insulin to cover it. No I wasn’t eating ridiculously, but I didn’t think much of giving myself insulin to cover what I did eat. At 33 I weighed 171, I weighed 157 this morning. BTW I’m 5’6″ so I’m only 12 pounds over weight just to clarify for those wondering. I’ve been steadily losing the rebound weight from the Nutristupid diet I did in the spring but as a result of years of abusing my system, I was told to cut out animal proteins to give my kidneys a break.

My first thought was “you’ve got to be kidding me?!” but having been eating this way for a few months and seeing the difference in my overall health, as well as blood work, I’m a believer. I’m so stoked about this its not even funny. My husband and kid have been eating as Vegans as well and they have adopted it as a lifestyle because they love the food and the way they feel eating real, home cooked (most of the time), healthy meals. So that’s it. I’m done talking about diet this and lose weight that…its not a one size fits all discussion. For some, Weight Watchers is their fit, and others may choose to take a “magic pill” to make them skinny for a while. What all these diets and goofy programs have taught me is that chemicals and deprivation work but there are long-term consequences that can be just as damaging as being over weight. Adopting a healthy lifestyle begins with looking at what you are putting into your body’s system and whether it makes sense. Eating what the good earth has provided makes sense to me and it is what was recommended for me by a medical doctor…no film flam artist…but a specialist in endocrinology.

From here out, any food discussions on here will be more tailored to our adventures in becoming Vegan…and many are quite humorous…like the time I didn’t know I had to cook beans after soaking before putting them into a soup…remind me to tell you that sometime. In the meantime, try to be the healthiest and happiest you that you can be.


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