Working for my Church is weird

So I started a new position working at the Base Chapel.  First let me state this is the weirdest job ever.  Weird as in “I spent 12 years in Catholic school why oh why did I think working in a Catholic church would be fun?” kind of way.  Priests usually scare the bejeebies out of me because I hold this adolescent notion that they can see into my soul and are judging me for every time I’ve ever masturbated or wondered what having sex with Tom Hiddleston would be like.  Those might be related…but I digress…  I now work for a priest.  And I like it.  Did you know priests have a sense of humor?  Well mine does anyway.  That’s pretty awesome.  And if he has read my secret masturbation history in my soul, he’s kind enough to not mention it.

Secondly, working in a church has opened my eyes to the fact that church people are pirates.  I work with pirates. Maybe that’s not fair to pirates.  Lets just say that I think some of my coworkers have lost the message of being a Christian among their narcissistic compulsions to make everything about themselves.  Not the priest…he’s not-so-surprisingly humble…must be that priest training…the same training that teaches them to read your soul and judge you for undressing random strangers in your mind.  I find myself lost in a mouth-breather, dazed facial position during most of my interactions with my other co-workers.  I’m fairly positive that if we consider the priest as the Commander of the unit, that we should not be disrespectful jerk-faces to our commander!  Pirates have more honor.

I think this job is good for my overall spiritual health though.  I get to visit Jesus every morning on my walk to my office.  I get to see the human side of priests, although I may never be cured of my belief they are soul readers.  Lastly, I get to try and play a role in helping my fellow brothers and sisters in the church community realize that while their roles are definitely helpful, they themselves are not the embodiment of Jesus and should therefore temper their self-imposed importance with some form of humility.  Wish me luck…